Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chicken Vindallo & Chili paste

So my first attempt at a chili paste and Vindallo here... I used some cider vinegar garlic ginger, a few curry leaves tomato paste and cumin, a bunch of dried arbol chilies, red chili flakes and pasilla chilies & fresh Thai, Serrano and jalapenos chilies. Let it soak and threw in my food processor. Now i have chilie paste for a few days. It is still not hot enough I need to find hotter chilies.

Separate from this I cooked some chicken pieces seasoned in a bunch of Indian spices in my pan so it was browned on all sides. Then I took the chicken out and deglazed the pan with a red onion and a jalapeno small diced and cooked it low and slow for like 10 minutes with some olive oil and  red chili flakes, a little extra cumin and salt. Then I added a bunch of the chili paste and cooked for a while longer. I added about 4\5ths a can of diced tomatoes because it’s what I had on hand and simmered for a while. Added the chicken, finished heating it up and I’m done. Boy do I wish I had some cilantro today :(
Dinner was sooo good, really did miss the fresh herbs and basmati rice but yeah I got that burning feeling mmmmmmm

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