Sunday, February 13, 2011

Jamaican chilies galangal chicken and much more!

Okay so I made this up on the spot. I found these Jamaican chilies and I defiantly wanted to use them today and I had to finish off the raw split chicken breast I had left over from a few nights ago.
Of course I brine the breast in liquid smoke salt sugar for a couple hours while I figure dinner out. Meanwhile I found this Thai spice I bought called Galangal which is a close relative of giner and my fenugreek .  Okay so Indian food inspires me again so you dont have to read the whole thing, here is dinner.

Of course I started by sautéing some very finely sliced red onions with a lil salt in olive oil. Meanwhile I took the chicken out and started to dry it and minced 2 of those badass chilies. I added the chilies and let it continue to cook down while toasting some cumin seeds, and making a paste of garlic and ginger. Eventually I added the garlic ginger paste and cooked down a bit more as I prepped the chicken to go in skin side down on the pan. Poured the onion mixture into a little bowl and then strained out the oil to cook the chicken.  The chicken browned nicely on the first side, then I browned the second side. While the chicken was cooking I added the toasted cumin seeds, fenugreek, this galangal stuff, and bunch of turmeric to the onion mixture. When the chicken was 90% done I took it out, let cool, and took the skin off, deboned, and shredded it. Again strained out all the remaining oil to cook down a third chili with some garlic chunks and tomato paste. Eventually I deglazed with just water then combined everything in the pan to finish cooking. Added fresh cilantro and some garam masala and BAM! Dinner!.. I wish I added some rawish onions at the end too.

Note to self: Need to learn how to write a recipe…

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