Monday, January 3, 2011

Tofu & Chicken stock

Well no pictures today, I ate my dinner out of a big stainless steel bowl so zero points for presentation today. I bloomed some spices, cardamom nutmeg cloves turmeric cumin chili powder tomato paste mustard seeds mace in oil and then marinated some mushrooms and tofu.  I then slowly cooked it in a covered pan. Came out very yummy but I dumped it all into a bowl. I also took 2 chicken carcasses my frozen baggy of vegetable and herbs and other misc goodies along with a bunch of other soup stuff (bay leave black pepper etc) and tried to make a quicker stock. After roasting the bones I threw it all in the pressure cooker brought to a boil, reduced to simmer and skimmed. Then pressure cooked for 2 hours. When I opened the pressure cooker it looked like the stock was simmering overnight such a beautiful dark color. After straining the solids out and skimming a few more times I got myself a really nice brown stock which will be used for matzo ball soup soon.

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