Saturday, January 8, 2011

Potato Salad & Merginue

Well Thursday I went out for Indian food at the amazing restaurant Spice of India in Nyack and Friday had leftover rabbit and leftover Indian. Today was exciting as it was my first day training at Crisfield’s meat market, the best butcher shop in Westchester. Then went to my grandmothers to go over her oldschool Austrian\German potato salad which I will server when I get to LA for Masterchef. Also made some raspberry and chocolate espresso meringue cookies.
For the potato salad we boiled and peeled the potatoes, then while they were warm added the salt and oil. Next we mixed in a small dice of regular onion and pepper and finally a mix of mustard cider vinegar sugar and water. Sooo good and classic
The merginues were obviously egg white sugar, a lil corn starch. The choclate ones had cocoa powder, instant vanilla coffe, vanilla extract, and a couple ounces of choped choc chips. The raspberry ones were special :)

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