Sunday, January 9, 2011

Beef stew, Strawberrys with Balsamic reduction... popcorn!

I feel so lucky to have gotten the change to work at a great butcher shop both. Today I brought 3 beef shanks home and made a soup . Mis En Place included bowl of Mirepoix and another bowl with the trimmings and some dill and thyme. Potato Parsnip and parsley. The shank bones seasoned and floured , a backbone from a chicken tomato paste and probably other things such as crushed garlic cloves. Anyway we roast the backbone of chicken and mirepoix while browning the shank bones in my pressure cooker which I am still trying to figure out. I took out the beef and sweated the trimmings with the herbs, added tomato paste and delaged with vermouth  added chicken stock the poorly tied beef shanks roasted chicken bone and miropoix everything goes in pressure cooker! Then I stupidly tried to open it and things went all over the place L After recovering I let it finish, strained out all the junk and removed as much fat as possible as well as removed the fat and gristle from the beef. Added new mirepoix + parsley and things are done. Dessert was strawberry’s with a balsamic reduction and then while watching iron chef I made popcorn with EVOO from Italy and grinded up grey sea salt mmm.

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