Saturday, January 29, 2011


You name it..!
So I started slow cooking the onions in my garlic mojo, which is running low so a future post talking about the wonders, and dangers of garlic infused oil. Then I added some garam masala, curry leaves, cloves, black mustard seeds and probably a little cloves and cooked a little more before adding peeled tomatoes, water and chicken bouillon. This is the base of my sauce. I sliced up another onion and soaked it in vinegar and sugar and finished prepping the veggies and meat. When everything was done cooking I added in the raw sugar vinegar soaked onions . After tasting it was STILL not hot enough so I added some raw Thai chilies and some hot sauce, then wishing I had cilantro I just used the wonderful Indian black sea salt and when plated with some fresh avocado to cut the so called heat, dinner time!

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