Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Signature Duck Confit

Hudson Valley Duck Legs

200g Salt
25g sugar
10g allspice
8g thyme
5g fresh garlic
2g chili powder
2g star anise
1g rosemary
1g bay leaves
1g black peppercorns
1g coriander seeds
0.1 orange zest

Add some salt to a spice grinder along with the all spice, thyme star anise, rosemary, bay, peppercorns and coriander seeds and mix under powdered.

Coat duck legs all over with spice mixture making sure to get under the skin of the duck so the spice mix is in contact with the meat as well as skin.

Let cure for about 6 hours.
Rinse duck thoroughly and vacuum seal.
Cook sous vide at 140F \ 60C for 48 hours.
Take duck out of bag reserving the fat and pat dry.
Add 1 tsp duck fat to skillet and sear duck skin side down until nice and crisp. 2-3 minutes
This will be the best duck you've ever had! Zeeman approved!


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  1. Zeeman, this is for 2 legs, right? Also, have you tired it with turkey or chicken?