Friday, June 3, 2011

Veggy stir fry with tofu

1 brick extra firm tofu – marinated overnight in your favorite marinate

Sweet potato  peeled and chopped

Onion sliced

Spring garlic – separated into scapes and baby cloves

Mushrooms – washed at the last second

Head of broccoli separated into peeled stems and flowerets

 Start by heating the wok and seasoning it with veg oil…. Rub off all the oil and add some canola oil and throw in the sweet potatoes until edges start to color a bit. Add salt pepper and garlic scapes and toss a few more minutes. Now try to push all the stuff in the wok aside and put the tofu in the center of the wok and try to brown a bit.  Now add mushrooms season and stir a few more minutes, then the broccoli stems  and half the onions, the baby garlic cloves and stir fry a bit more. Finally add the rest of the onions the and the broccoli flowerets. Finish by tossing in some of the reserved marinade and season appropriately.. enjoy!

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