Saturday, April 16, 2011

First hot chili sauce

Zeemans hot sauce... Take one

Okay so to test out a chili sauce instead of paste this time I used quite a bit more vinegar and added water and a little franks red hot sauce. I’d say 1 part apple cider .5 white .5 water. This was the liquid base in my small stock pot to which I added some peppers, dried aged cayenne, a couple hot Mexican piquin, and a single chipotle. Also some garlic powder Bring the whole thing to a boil and let sit covered for a while. A few hours in I put it in my food processor to break it up a bit and taste... needed something so I added a bit of franks red hot sauce for the saltyness and flavor and a couple Thai chilies... maybe a bit more water bring to simmmer turn off and let sit a while more. Tasted, added sea salt threw in my blender and let liquefy for a few minutes. Tasted again, its amazing. maybe a bit of black pepper not sure yet but wow very good..

Edit I did add very finely ground black pepper brought it back to a boil added a dash of this special sherry sauce. Blended a final time and bottled

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