Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Braised chicken with lemongrass etc...

No picture today because it was not pretty but I made this amazing chicken braise. The A&P near me is closing and things are on sale, I wanted to get chicken to cook with the lemongrass I still have. They only had roasting chicken so that’s what I got and decided since I did not want to roast it a braise would be a good cooking method for this type of chicken.  In my sauté pan I seared tomatoes then added olive oil and sautéed crushed garlic, ginger, a stalk of lemongrass. Then I added some carrots and while it was all cooking down I took out both leg\thigh pieces from the chicken and trimmed most of the skin off. I made some clean space in the pan and cooked the chicken pieces skin side down to get brown. While that was cooking I made a liquid of some leftover mole (it was the rick bayless recipe) chili paste, and some chicken stock, water, and arbol chili powder.  I braised it for a while covered then turned the chicken around and braised more until down. At the end I took a paper towel and pulled that nasty piece of tough tendon from the leg out before devouring this amazing dinner.

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